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Simple, no-nonsense revision notes for various GCSEs.


For WJEC Eduqas Route B GCSE exams ONLY

View the specification on the Eduqas website

Revision Notes:

Component 1: Foundational Catholic Theology

Origins and Meanings

Good and Evil

Example 15 Marker Plans

Component 2: Applied Catholic Theology

Life and Death

Sin and Forgiveness

Example 15 Marker Plans

Component 3 Judaism


Example 15 Marker Plans

Exemplar Answers Booklets (BTHCC)

Component 1: Origins & Meanings and Good & Evil (BTHCC)

Component 2: Life & Death and Sin & Forgiveness (BTHCC)

Component 3: Beliefs & Teachings and Practices (BTHCC)

Advanced Notes:

You can access advanced notes featuring extra content and evaluation by donating to NatAndruStudy... Donate Here

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